Dettol, No Touch Hand Wash… WTF???

In Random on April 4, 2011 by Lujayn Ali Tagged: , , ,

As you may have already heard, Dettol proclaims to have invented the amazing hand wash system that comes with its own fancy name and- get this- helps stop the spread of bacteria. It works amazingly simply: You go to wash your dirty hands and instead of touching the dispenser (which has bacteria on it), there’s a sensor that spits out the soap straight into your hands whereby you proceed to wash your hands as normal getting rid of the muck that was on it already. Fantastic right?

Well yes apart from one teeny tiny fundamental flaw: Who the hell touches the soap dispenser after washing their hands? Surely just the act of washing the hands stops the spread of bacteria?

In fact it looks like Dettol has now realised this amazing cock up and is marketing it as “Helps stop the spread of bacteria, even as its dispensed.”

Seriously, I’m not making this up:

So unless there is some complex psychological mechanism that connects having a fancy dispenser with washing your hands more often and thereby ‘stops the spread of bacteria’ this is a perfect example of a product that has missed the mark. Badly. Don’t buy it!


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